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The JASMA Stamp. What You Should Know

JASMA STAMPS Some Details…. So, doing the usual rounds on pages, Ive come across a topic that no one really talks about, unless there are parts for sale, ( and there are Nerds around :P) But even then, not all the details are compiled in

Project5 News and Updates

Project 5 is closer to the road than it has been over the last 3 years and couldn’t have happened without the help from friends across the country!!  Special thanks to Combustionpunks very own GarageBarefoot  For storage, tech days and parts  And Philip Westwood at RPG

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MX5… Which Rocker’s Which?

Not that you’d need to know, but incase you’d like to for extra scene points or whatevs…  But there are some fairly obvious difference between NA and NB cam covers. Which is which?  Fresh back from Chemical Strip, three of these covers fit the NB/

MFN: Miles from Nowhere May 2017

If you’re wondering, as I was… MFN stands for Miles From Nowhere… đŸ˜‰ An alternative venue offering bike nights, classic meets and a MFN All Welcome Car Night (on the first and last Sunday throughout summer months). Boasting a bar, cafe, hard standing and grass

The Devil’s Arse – The Superpeaks Meet 

Seriously, What is the Superpeaks?  The Peaks Meets have been a Punks thing for the past 5 or 6 years (maybe more Im just a recruit!) We pretty much meet up at an awesome venue that someone suggests… talk cars look at cars do passenger runs

Side Project #137

​I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I love to mess and always have a side project, either on the go or on my mind… I have a Things to make for my mx5″ list longer than a trip round the Evo Triangle. Lols.

Worksop Motor Club Grass Autosolo Event

Worksop Motor Club Grass Autosolo Yesterday evening I was invited to attend a small gathering of members from Worksop Motor Club… In a field… With some cones, to do some skids… Well actually, that’s not quite accurate. I was invited along to compete in their