The JASMA Stamp. What You Should Know


Some Details….

So, doing the usual rounds on pages, Ive come across a topic that no one really talks about, unless there are parts for sale, ( and there are Nerds around :P) But even then, not all the details are compiled in a way one can make sense of. So this post is here to help clear some things up!

Some of us may have owned, seen or heard about exhaust parts with a JASMA Stamp. Usually a badge welded on…

OK, So What Is JASMA?

JASMA is not a brand, although as a whole, anything seen with a JASMA stamp passes as JDM goodness, and straight away, alot of people dont care for the rest of the details, its JASMA, and its JDM… But there’s more to it than that.

Of my research so far, the majority of evidence supports that JASMA stands for Japan Automotive Sports Muffler Association. JASMA set rules and regulations on exhausts. It means the exhaust is made in Japan and meets JDM specific requirements.

Taken from the JASMA, official JDM AF website:

The Japan Auto Sports Muffler Association is managed to achieve the following objectives.

We will fully comprehend the roles and positions of cars in modern society, comply with the safety standards of road transport vehicles, and strive to disseminate sports mufflers that conform to standards such as noise, exhaust gas, heat hazards, etc. Also, with regard to non-standard mufflers dedicated to competition, we aim to educate and teach proper usage methods and appropriate sales plans according to limited objectives, carry out clear identification and accompanying wide public relations activities, We aim to contribute to the development of car society.

There are JASMA Stamps on parts for more than just MX5s and EF Civics. Subaru, GTR, Toyotas…. Pretty much anything from the JDM can get hold of these (not so ultra rare) Stamped parts. However, there is something quite special about each code on the stamp itself.

Which JDM Manufacturer?

From further research, the first three numbers of the stamp, are a code to denote which Manufacturer produced the part. The last series of numbers is the exhaust type/ model.
If your Japanese is good, you can even request the exact type through the JASMA number by contacting them at

I havent got as far as compiling a list of my own, (I imagine it would take some time to even get one going!) but have found a few extensive lists. Most have been copied and pasted from the EK9 forum without credit, but it is infact where this list originated from, thank you Sinbad :wink: )

Taken from the EK9 Forum, TY

Akiyure Inc. 047
Apekusera Inc. 048
Iida Inc. 130
Ikeda industry 003
A tea sea international Japan Inc. 074
Etching k s Inc. 051
Ebansupuranningu asuretsuku division 129
M-TEC Inc. 002
Otoekuze Inc. (autoexe) 120
Automatic backs seven Inc. 097
Ovuareshingupurodakutsu Inc. 124
Katsu Inc. 088
Car land 119
Kind technostructure Inc. (KTS) 115
Kakimotoreshingu Inc. 017
Garcon division 114
Can tile office 113
5ZIGEN international Inc. 005
Sun automobile industry Inc. 076
Gee earl Inc. 012
Jieiruto Inc. 013
Gee piece Potts Inc. 125
Jiyaosu Inc. 067
Starting line Inc. 069
Spoon Inc. 044
Possession the Suruga Seiki Inc. 106
Zero sports Inc. 100
Tanabe Inc. 026
Taniguchi Inc. 035
Takeoff Inc. 004
Top line Inc. 110
Trust Inc. 006
Knight sport Inc. 019
Huaburesu Inc. 111
Fujita engineering Inc. 061
Rattan šâ engineering and research industry Inc. (Fujitsubo Giken Co. Ltd.) 001
Free way Inc. 123
Buritsutsu Inc. 021
Hoshinoinparu Inc. 037
HONDA twin cam Inc. 011
Mainzuueibu Inc. 038
Makishimuwakusu Inc. 045
Pine Shaw Inc. 008
Meiwa Inc. 041
Yajima industry Inc. 091
Yamato Inc. 122
Lucky automatic Inc. 126
Love lark Inc. 083
Kaye etch. 051
Auto Produce Boss. 131

Project5 News and Updates

Project 5 is closer to the road than it has been over the last 3 years and couldn’t have happened without the help from friends across the country!! 

Special thanks to Combustionpunks very own GarageBarefoot 

For storage, tech days and parts 

And Philip Westwood at RPG DIPS/ Redicap Performance Garage 

For the mobile mechanics and engine swap assistance 

Two engine swaps, complete suspension and brake rebuild, arms, subframes and roll cage refitting… It’s undergone a few visual changes too. 

The once, show worthy interior, has been stripped out, carpets taken up (Found the traditional, factory fitted 100Yen for good luck!) And stripped back for the ultimate minimalistic and noisy experience. Some other little mods are keeping me busy inbetween the arrival of parts…


There were twin exit cut outs either side… But I wanted to keep the Spoon rep back box (needs some serious TLC with some fine grit and autosol!) so @Yetidragon kindly hacked up my rear end with the awesome new Makita grinder ?

I Used a ruler to get 13″ below the bumper recess line all the way across… lined it up with a wax crayon and hand estimated the curves either end ??

Still need to modify the “crash pad” behind the bumper, I don’t want to remove it completely (like the orange eunos, cus it flapped about loads!) But for now, it’s given clearance to mount and hang the zaust in a transportable fashion…. From what I can remember, the rear panel and lights need to be removed to remove the bumper….

I’ve been prepping parts for paint for the Interior. I want to keep the outside turquoise but bring some contrast inside. I plan on painting a few interior bits in a custom purple flip paint. The gauge holder/ crash pad and the roll cage at least.

With the special pearl on the exterior paint job, it needs to be a special kind of purple. I’ve got a friend working on a few custom recipes….

There’s also a nuts pearl we’re trying to perfect with the right balance of blue and green, which if used, will be to paint some exciting custom editions to the exterior of the car…

And for anyone who’s not seen the flowery mx5 (it’s been off the road around 3 years) here’s a pic of the current paintwork.

The gauge pod/ crash pad for paint has been scuffed up, washed and will be primered and painted one evening this week.


Figured next thing Id play with would be the clocks. I want to swap the glass on my 89 import clocks since it was broken during removal. And they’re custom faces. But I stalled…. Getting the glass away from the rest of the cluster requires much patience, dexterity and heat.

A breif ‘How To’ may be up soon.. A tedious little job! 

There was also a shiny JassPerformance surround, that in my haste to paint, I didn’t get a photo of… But it was finished in brushed chrome and decided it had to go… (Nothing to do with the fact I was desperate to play with the purple paint!)

A scuff back, wash, dry and couple of coats of high build primer… Several coats of custom purple flip/ flake mix and way too much laquer later….

Ive put a little clip on Instagram to show the blue/ purple flip…. will need a wet sand in a few days to remove the solvent bubbles from the clear coat but I’m pretty happy with the colour… Crash Pad next ?

MX5… Which Rocker’s Which?

Not that you’d need to know, but incase you’d like to for extra scene points or whatevs…  But there are some fairly obvious difference between NA and NB cam covers.

Which is which? 

Fresh back from Chemical Strip, three of these covers fit the NB/ MK2 mx5 models. But how can you tell?

Firstly, the NA/ MK1 covers are simple to identify by the lack of crankshaft position sensor or CPS, found on the front, only on the NB onwards. Mounted on the nose of the crankshaft, it was introduced for the detection of misfire in the ODBII engines.

Telling the NA 1600 and 1800 covers apart from eachother is most noticable by the lettering… The NA6 has recessed letters whereas the NA8 has raised letters. (This is only The case with N.A. engines…. NB engines are ALL recessed.) The NA8 is also slightly longer.



The NB models however, arent that simple. On both the 1600 and the 1800 MK2 covers, the lettering is recessed. If you put them side by side, there are some notable differences to tell them apart…

NB6 vs NB8 

Firstly the most obvious difference here is the length. Just like the MK1 models, the 1600 is shorter than the 1800. You’ll also notice the difference in the positioning of some holes…

But the most obvious way to tell them apart – especially if you dont just cssually happen to have one to compare with – is the cut out on the back of the cover for the CAS. The NB6 is on the Inlet side on the left, and the NB8 is on the right for exhaust.

They will both have the sensor in the front in the same place.

So. Going back to the original pic… In order from left to right are….


So now you know. 

MFN: Miles from Nowhere May 2017

If you’re wondering, as I was… MFN stands for Miles From Nowhere… 😉

An alternative venue offering bike nights, classic meets and a MFN All Welcome Car Night (on the first and last Sunday throughout summer months). Boasting a bar, cafe, hard standing and grass parking, surrounded by 8 acres of private land.. Its the ideal place for a car meet, with relaxed marshals, entrance and exit separate, food and drink available, a growing number of traders and something for everyone….

Contrary to the name, its actually fairly central of the midlands, easily accessible from the M1, in Amber Valley, Nottingham.

The Meet really does have something for everyone, from pristine classics, to american imports, bikes, green lane toys, budget-bodge-bring-alongs, expensive JDM import builds, kit cars and more… Trade isn’t bad and growing, offering stalls of cleaning products, clothing, decals and sweets 😀 Guaranteed to be a photo of your ride from the evening… Lots of budding photographers and media guys going around! Bar is open, there’s a food stall/ burger van and entrance is just £2.

May 21st, for the first time, Combustionpunks are taking a 10 Car stand to MFN… If you want in, get your name on the forum list NOW! More details to come including convoys and times… Stay tuned!
Combustionpunks @ MFN 21st May


The Devil’s Arse – The Superpeaks Meet 

Seriously, What is the Superpeaks? 

The Peaks Meets have been a Punks thing for the past 5 or 6 years (maybe more Im just a recruit!) We pretty much meet up at an awesome venue that someone suggests… talk cars look at cars do passenger runs out in cars then go eat some food and talk about… Food, and more cars.  Liking the sound of that? Cool… We do Three every year and there are Three simples steps to getting more involved. Pictures included for your attention. Pfa. When will they end…

STEP 1 – Find a convoy to join 

The convoys are a big part of it, if you cant find one local, we encourage you to try and organise one for your area, spread the word, now recruiting!… There are even “TeamPoints forum Badges and stickers for  successfully organised convoys. Make sure you get the right time, the right place and dont be late, top gear rules apply

STEP 2 – Get a dash cam! – totes optional, just needed to pack out the rules

Throw in a dash cam, more and more folk are using £40 ebay buys, they really dont need to be expensive / special, especially if youre only likely to use it for Sunday blasts with your mates… Just make sure to use it safely… We all know its 6 points for fiddling with anything when youre driving right? Good. Moving on….

Here’s some of Tims footage from his dash cam… 

STEP 3 – Drive to meet all other convoys and join up in a mass of awesome metal – Kinda like a transformer… but mostly like 50 cars parked nicely together

Now, I didnt actually get any photos of the bit with all of the cars, ya know, the best bit?… But I was making sure everyone had their Superpeaks sticker, even recruited little Lily-May to help, wasnt she a sweetie?! I did manage to set up @Yetidragons go pro and collect some form of timelapse of the transformer part of step 3 but it wasnt a great position… Plenty of other folk have taken photos and sent them in, so that’s ace…  Yeti’s throughly enjoyed working with Go Pro studio,  havent you Yeti? Lols… Here’s what we got from the day…

The Devil’s Arse in hope Valley… What a day. We’d nailed it here. Cool name, super sweet venue, huge car park, various pubs, breakfast bars and bakeries, sweetie shops, plus a Cavern for investigating and playing with smelly rope… Turns out the Cavern was a guided tour about mining… 

Everyone seemed to have a top day, even put on a little treasure hunt, winner being Jay… congrats Jay! Rocking his winning Tee

If you have any suggestions for the next meet please shout up, always wanna hear what you guys think! 

The February 2017 meet was the First of Three Superpeaks Meets this year… Be sure to check out the facebook events tab on the Combustionpunks page for the Summer and Autumn Meets… theyre already listed ?

To finish, a bunch of photos from the day… Many of the photos featured on this post have been hinched from facebook posts of members, so credits where due… Tim, Jay I beleive a couple may be yours! Thank you also for your video footage Tim! And Yeti for chopping and fixing the timelapse I badly placed! 

More photos to come to an album asap ? See you at the next one!

Side Project #137

​I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I love to mess and always have a side project, either on the go or on my mind… I have a Things to make for my mx5″ list longer than a trip round the Evo Triangle. Lols. Some of you guys will have seen me pop up with wrinkle finished Cam covers for sale.

Wrinkle Finish Rocker Covers

I collect covers, if you have one you’re looking to get rid of, trade in or have refurbished, get intouch ? I drop them off with Clive at Autotronix Developments and he send them onto his guy who chemically strips them. Within a week, I’ve got them back fresh to mask up and spray…  I get to play with guns… It keeps me quite for a couple hours ?

Chasing the Wrinkle, a Little Video

Im currently stood in the garage waiting for filler to set… I was asked if I could “fill in the letters”  on a NB6 Cam cover. So I was like, I’ll find out! Went into work (bodyshop suppliers!) And asked for the best alternative to filling with weld that they had. And they suggested this… Looks legit.

With a sanding time of 20 minutes, I shouldn’t be waiting much longer… Ive attempted to”pack” the letters with the ally filler, then planning to sand back and re-apply, to this time properly smooth over the letters.

Look… Shiny ? This stuff is the same as any other body filler to mix and use. The metallic look is because of the alluminium particals. 

20 Minutes later and it really is ready to sand. Impressive.. Sheet of 80grit and it’s done in no time at all. It’s super high dust but that’s the price for such quick setting filler I guess!

There are one or two places showing on the DOHC that have a little indent, overall it’s pretty smooth… But I’m not sure what finish it’s going to get yet, or what I’m doing with it at all, so it needs to be perfect… 

Another layer of filler, another 20 minutes waiting time… A top tip that’s kinda fairly obvious but if you keep in mind, it helps keep sanding time down – “The more you put on, the more you have to take off.” – I’m a bit of a fiddler,  I have to mess even if it’s perfect… #keepittidy 

Bankruptcy Over Fenders, The Fastback & Fiberglassing.. Whats New

Because I love to learn new things and because I love to mess and get involved.. Yetidragon and I finally made some time for me to learn how to Fiberglass. If you’ve ever wanted or looked at the options for wider arches from your NA mx5 over the past few years, then you’re sure to have come across Yetidragon’s “Project Bankruptcy.”

Way back in summer, between day jobs, track days, a new project car, organising and hosting events, attending shows, festivals and more, we some how managed to get some time in production mode and made a full set of “Bankruptcy Fenders & Wings” just in time to bolt onto a car for RetroRides.

The first full set I made landed on the Combustionpunks’ Fastback for its debut show in Worcester in August this year (Updated post coming asap!) and are currently looking good just “bolted on”as the car stands unfinished and in daily use.

Set up stats:
Wheels – XXR 002
15×8 et-0
34mm hubcentric spacers rears
TMI… Nankang NS2R 195/50/15 Hard
Suspension – HKS

The rear Fenders have been shaped to suit the Fastback lines with a grinder.
Here’s some smoothed in, bonded, bolted, and painted variants.

Photo credits where due, owners are tagged, thanks for the support guys!

The Bankruptcy Fenders and Wings are currently on Sale in the Combustionpunks shop, as well as shiny stickers and neat merch ?

Yetidragon is working on MK2 prototypes at the minute, should see production early next year, as well as alternative MK1 wide arches… There is also the Fastback to to modify and produce. 2017, the year of fiber-glassing awesomeness…

Since the successful full set for the Fastback, I’ve made another set of rear over fenders, and now working on a front set of front wings. The wings are bit more technical in the fact they’re a 5 piece mold, with lips and tabs replicating the OEM wings for a direct, bolt on replacement, with a wider clearance area. (Currently tested up to et-35 on the rear and et-10 front.)  So more bends, curves, lips and edges as well as the additional prep work for extra parts. Since Yetidragon has done all the hard work in making the original prototypes and molds, I had it pretty easy, but its still a super long process. From start to finish, a front pair of Wings has taken me 8 hours. (Parts in the house and parts in the garage… Its cold work in December!)

After cleaning and waxing all of the mold pieces, they get bolted together and before the fiber-glassing, the wing gets Gel coated and left to set. (The white, smooth layer you see on the outside.) In this time I tend to have a coffee, instagram some pics, check my facebook and prep a work space. I’m a bit OCD when I work…. I find it useful to have an easy access bin nearby, like a box on the floor I can throw stuff at, liquids measured out in cups and catalyst measured ready to go, fresh brushes, pots, scissors and other tools to hand, PPE and gloves, as well as good lighting and enough room to fight 😉

I cut out pieces of fiberglass against some templates to make sure they’re an ideal fit for the mold, the right shape, and make relief cuts. It makes it quicker, easier, creates less waste and less mess when it comes to laying the fiberglass. I make sure I have off cuts to hand to strengthen particular areas like the fitting tabs and layer up edges for strength too.  Here’s a super quick time lapse of the first layer of fiberglass… I like to “fit” them to the mold before applying the first coat of resin..

After all of the meticulous planning, prep and once the gel coat has set, the fun part finally begins and the fiberglass gets laid.. Giggedy. Its a little fiddly, very sticky and uber messy, so patience is essential. It takes quite a while to make sure each layer is adequately covered in resin, with no bubbles, lifts or droops, making sure the mix isn’t setting too fast and you’re not working too slow. It also smells pretty bad… The Gel coat is definitely something you should do in the garage and not in your kitchen… Once optimal layers have been applied, the wing gets left to set, then sit and harden in the mold. When its finally ready to be popped out, its trimmed back with the grinder and edges smoothed off, ready for fitting.

I’m really lucky and eternally grateful to have learned this new skill, and its pretty damn awesome driving a car that you’ve made panels on… So a HUGE shout out to TopPunk Yetidragon for the patience and time invested in me, sharing his awesomeness and skill <3 More to come #STAYTUNED


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Worksop Motor Club Grass Autosolo Event

Worksop Motor Club Grass Autosolo

Yesterday evening I was invited to attend a small gathering of members from Worksop Motor Club… In a field… With some cones, to do some skids… Well actually, that’s not quite accurate. I was invited along to compete in their – non competitive – driving test. I first attended one of the WMC events last month, tipped off by Clive, local business owner at Autotronix Developments, so it seemed apt to head over to Autotronix and go from there in mini convoy…

The club hold their grass driving test on various dates across the calendar. Their next grass event is Tuesday 26th July, but there are many other events before and after, including Scatter Rallies, Treasure hunts, Indoor/outdoor Go-Karting, socials, pub quiz’s, Marshaling and actual rallying too. For more info, you can email Jon at for a copy of their calendar, or visit their website or facebook page 🙂

If you’ve never been to a grass Autosolo before, it is the same as a regular Autosolo, only on grass… An obstacle course comprising of cones is laid out with a set route to take between them. This particular club are committed enough that they have invested in fancy running gear in shape of computer and beam set up. Two sensors (laser beams) are used, the first will start the timer and the second will end when the beam is broken.  The idea is to get round the cones from start to finish in the shortest time possible, using driver skills and throttle/ braking techniques… Or so I’ve heard. Penalties in form of 10 seconds are administered for any cone contact, and the penalty for going the wrong way at any point throughout the course is the slowest lap as your time… So try not to set a bad one!
(They have 4 different layouts, including some kind of Maltese Cross type layout.. I participated in T1 and T2, the seemingly easiest of the two…)

After facing long, fast and twisty country roads, the odd tractor, lumpy paths, and what I presume was horse manure used to created a makeshift crossing where the two fields joined, we arrived in a mass convoy of 5, ready to tackle, I mean, skillfully maneuver around some strategically placed cones. Having aided one of the Mini drivers in forms of counter balance and traction at my previous attendance, I had picked up some tips and was armed with some great knowledge of an experienced autosoloer… The first being, not to go out until I was confident of the route. So I let the boys play first whilst I tried to memorize the layout…

Joe in the Chilli Orange NB8 was dubious of the uneven ground at first (his MX is impeccably tidy), but found he wasn’t quite “Stance Queen” low and made it round just fine, doing some impressive long and smooth slides. Clive claims to be terrified by cones, his excuse to always taking them out on track days, so he sat this one out. Dave decided his MK1 was just too cool for skids and Nick, his Dad and Yeti had no problems in getting down and dirty… 180’s, 360’s and dead cones kinda dirty. Yeti even lost his number plate at one point. Not quite sure if cone… or nose dive into the grass…

All in all, a great evening was had. Alongside banter, the scorching heat, good company and good fun, there were also some interesting rides to enjoy, both participating drivers and just observers. The Austin was most enjoyable to watch, bringing in some of the best times with their ‘passenger produced gravity’ and traction. The RWD Transit van also put out some impressive times for what it was and was also quite comical to watch, if not impressive at some points. From Pumas to Supras, there was a bit of everything as well as some of the bits in-between.

Before I leave you with this video compilation from the short time I was out of the drivers seat, I must say a huge thank you to Jon and all the guys at Worksop Motor Club, for having us, welcoming us and encouraging us with their wealth of knowledge and expertise. For anyone looking to join an active Rally, Test and Marshaling club, get in touch with these welcoming and laid back guys, they have a Facebook group as well as a Facebook page, links to follow.

Thank you for reading, over and out.


With Thanks:

Autotronix Developments Website

Autotronix Developments Facebook

Worksop Motor Club Website

Worksop Motor Club Facebook

Worksop Motor Club Facebook Group

A #Combustionpunksblog

#GarageGirl The New Blog for Budget Build, JDMClare & Project5

Welcome to the new blog…

 I guess my intentions are an extension of mini facebook posts… A place to elaborate on the things Im getting up to, an opportunity for people to see a little closer into what goes on behind the scenes of Combustionpunks, as well as a little insight into my -sometimes hectic- life, all things car related.

Ive just got back from a weekend working in York with 6th Gear Experiences, Tuesday I have an autosolo in a local village farm, a trip to Autotronix (always something IG worthy in the garage) at some point to collect some rocker covers back from the chemical stripper, as well as some fiberglassing tuition with Yetidragon down at the new Punks Place… So lots to blog about there. But first, a little catch up and back story to bring things up to date.

GarageGirl formally Budget Build

Around January, I moved Cities… From good old Birmingham 100 miles north to South Yorkshire, a rather green City known as Sheffield. Its beautiful up here! Much more attractive than the scenery, are the friendships and abundance of social activities there are to delve into and become part of. Not long after my move, a bunch of new folk I’d been bumping into started up a local club; Sheffield MX5s (they have a facebook group and insta page, check them out!)

–  Id like to take this moment to say I have honestly had some of the best car related experiences whilst in the presence of these guys… out on Combustionpunks events, track days, their weekly pub runs, events and just plain social evenings… Thank you for being so genuine and awesome. I’m loving Sheffield quite largely because of you all. –

So, two house moves later and we now have our own garage and unit…
The original Project5 aka Baby has a fighting chance again. With space, tools, friends and a handy new job at Euro Car Parts, she should be back on the road again by winter. A huge thank you is in order to Simon at Garage Barefoot for storing her for so long, holding tech days to get it rolling and fitting a new roof in my absence… (as well as borrowing various parts and pieces…) I don’t know where it would have gone without you. Thank you. Fiberglass production is the main point of the new Unit, but Project5 and Yetidragon’s mk1 project (yet to be named) are occupying part of it quite nicely…

Open day coming soon… as well as more wide arches from Combustionpunks/ Waspworks 😀

Well. I’ve not been as quiet as it may seem… Combustionpunks have been attending a tonne of shows, events and track days this year, and as well as being upfront with the organising and planning, I’ve been helping out with a little blogging on the Combustionpunks page too… You can check out some of the write ups from myself and other members, plus submitted photos on events like Spring Performance Action Day, Japfest and, my least favorite experience this year, Fast Show. We’ve done a few charity track days with a couple more booked and our very own Summer Holiday set for August too…

So I will have loads to blog about, both on here and the main Punks page!

I get up to and help organise some pretty cool stuff, and with Project5 soon be the focus build rather than the current daily drive, Budget Build, I thought a change of Blog title was in order to cover a bit more about what I get up to… Having a car and being an enthusiast doesnt have to end there. Im involving myself in all kinds of areas in the motor scene and I think a few would find it pretty interesting… Couldnt have imagined my life this way 12 months ago… So maybe some inspiration for others in it somewhere too 🙂

There are a tonne of things Id love to back date about, maybe Ill have the opportunity to throw back some details and references in some other blog posts, but for now, with Summer Punks Holiday planning, JAE recruitment, Merch making, website updating, new job, two cars and so much more going on… I don’t really have the time, so instead, Ill leave you with a bunch of random photos Ive taken over the last few months.

From driveway mechanics, organised runs, mx5 friend socials, car shows, track days, my cool weekend job, play-dates and more, each one is a happy memory and has a story behind it 🙂 (Plus I need to get them off my phone to make room for new ones…) Enjoy, and stay tuned for a very active blog page for all things cool and cars 🙂 #garagegirl

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Driveway Mechanics 2201 JDM-Clare tackles a Little Prick

Whats up with the funky blog title, I hear you ask…

Well, I decided I was tired of merely writing about my antics and wanted to do a little video too… (which turned out to take alot longer than just writing, longer in fact than the job itself!)

So I took some photos, some video clips, smashed some stuff and put it all together in a cute clip and stuck it up on the Punks YouTube channel…  I thought the innuendo style name was quite fitting. If you just want to laugh, check out 0.40seconds in… scary stuff!

My first Youtube and blog video, enjoy!