Ergh… Not all Mx5’s are the same.

‘Number 3’ was had from within the community last September, taken on in a near scrap condition, half stripped, half rotten mess, it was nicknamed my Winter Beater as it was intended literally as that. Marked up as an S Special edition without any of the special left, I was not impressed in comparison to my first, older 5 (Below) It was rattly, smelly, raw, clunky and I drove it like I hated it. Few months went by, (lots of moaning and fault picking) and I started to realize something quite wonderful… Without the fear of damaging something you have ​spent good money on,  I think its natural to push it a little harder, odd clutch kick out of junctions, less fear of the back skipping out in the wet… I was starting to enjoy this almost “0-fks given” approach and was ​faced with​ a very different experience of owning an mx5, an mx5 that is repairable, replaceable and mostly, one to actually use rather than pose in 😉


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