First Track Day @ Blyton

Chatting with the MX5OC at recent events, I was talked into (not much convincing required) joining them on one of their annual track days at Blyton Park. So I attended, camping gear and all… A cracking time was had. Well. That was it. Bye-bye non car related investments. I needed better tyres, brakes, wheels… ALLTHEPARTS. I was hooked. Blyton was my first track day, but I had already noticed a few upgrades were needed at my novice level. Nankang NS2 (Non R) held up well but against a couple of hours of abuse before they started to loose traction round Bunga Bunga and Bishops. I had recently purchased some EBC yellow pads, I was happy with their performance. The fluid boiled, but I had never given it a complete change. That was an opportunity to upgrade to ATE Super Blue. The Tein set up with pillowball TM was great, really held its own and handled well, but everything needed improvement. Future investments for the next track build consist of: a brake stopper, braided lines, new discs, geo set up and some new rubber . Had a cracking time on my first track day, another STHT feature and front cover, not bad for my second copy 🙂

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