The Devil’s Arse – The Superpeaks Meet 

Seriously, What is the Superpeaks? 

The Peaks Meets have been a Punks thing for the past 5 or 6 years (maybe more Im just a recruit!) We pretty much meet up at an awesome venue that someone suggests… talk cars look at cars do passenger runs out in cars then go eat some food and talk about… Food, and more cars.  Liking the sound of that? Cool… We do Three every year and there are Three simples steps to getting more involved. Pictures included for your attention. Pfa. When will they end…

STEP 1 – Find a convoy to join 

The convoys are a big part of it, if you cant find one local, we encourage you to try and organise one for your area, spread the word, now recruiting!… There are even “TeamPoints forum Badges and stickers for  successfully organised convoys. Make sure you get the right time, the right place and dont be late, top gear rules apply

STEP 2 – Get a dash cam! – totes optional, just needed to pack out the rules

Throw in a dash cam, more and more folk are using £40 ebay buys, they really dont need to be expensive / special, especially if youre only likely to use it for Sunday blasts with your mates… Just make sure to use it safely… We all know its 6 points for fiddling with anything when youre driving right? Good. Moving on….

Here’s some of Tims footage from his dash cam… 

STEP 3 – Drive to meet all other convoys and join up in a mass of awesome metal – Kinda like a transformer… but mostly like 50 cars parked nicely together

Now, I didnt actually get any photos of the bit with all of the cars, ya know, the best bit?… But I was making sure everyone had their Superpeaks sticker, even recruited little Lily-May to help, wasnt she a sweetie?! I did manage to set up @Yetidragons go pro and collect some form of timelapse of the transformer part of step 3 but it wasnt a great position… Plenty of other folk have taken photos and sent them in, so that’s ace…  Yeti’s throughly enjoyed working with Go Pro studio,  havent you Yeti? Lols… Here’s what we got from the day…

The Devil’s Arse in hope Valley… What a day. We’d nailed it here. Cool name, super sweet venue, huge car park, various pubs, breakfast bars and bakeries, sweetie shops, plus a Cavern for investigating and playing with smelly rope… Turns out the Cavern was a guided tour about mining… 

Everyone seemed to have a top day, even put on a little treasure hunt, winner being Jay… congrats Jay! Rocking his winning Tee

If you have any suggestions for the next meet please shout up, always wanna hear what you guys think! 

The February 2017 meet was the First of Three Superpeaks Meets this year… Be sure to check out the facebook events tab on the Combustionpunks page for the Summer and Autumn Meets… theyre already listed ?

To finish, a bunch of photos from the day… Many of the photos featured on this post have been hinched from facebook posts of members, so credits where due… Tim, Jay I beleive a couple may be yours! Thank you also for your video footage Tim! And Yeti for chopping and fixing the timelapse I badly placed! 

More photos to come to an album asap ? See you at the next one!