Project5 News and Updates

Project 5 is closer to the road than it has been over the last 3 years and couldn’t have happened without the help from friends across the country!! 

Special thanks to Combustionpunks very own GarageBarefoot 

For storage, tech days and parts 

And Philip Westwood at RPG DIPS/ Redicap Performance Garage 

For the mobile mechanics and engine swap assistance 

Two engine swaps, complete suspension and brake rebuild, arms, subframes and roll cage refitting… It’s undergone a few visual changes too. 

The once, show worthy interior, has been stripped out, carpets taken up (Found the traditional, factory fitted 100Yen for good luck!) And stripped back for the ultimate minimalistic and noisy experience. Some other little mods are keeping me busy inbetween the arrival of parts…


There were twin exit cut outs either side… But I wanted to keep the Spoon rep back box (needs some serious TLC with some fine grit and autosol!) so @Yetidragon kindly hacked up my rear end with the awesome new Makita grinder ?

I Used a ruler to get 13″ below the bumper recess line all the way across… lined it up with a wax crayon and hand estimated the curves either end ??

Still need to modify the “crash pad” behind the bumper, I don’t want to remove it completely (like the orange eunos, cus it flapped about loads!) But for now, it’s given clearance to mount and hang the zaust in a transportable fashion…. From what I can remember, the rear panel and lights need to be removed to remove the bumper….

I’ve been prepping parts for paint for the Interior. I want to keep the outside turquoise but bring some contrast inside. I plan on painting a few interior bits in a custom purple flip paint. The gauge holder/ crash pad and the roll cage at least.

With the special pearl on the exterior paint job, it needs to be a special kind of purple. I’ve got a friend working on a few custom recipes….

There’s also a nuts pearl we’re trying to perfect with the right balance of blue and green, which if used, will be to paint some exciting custom editions to the exterior of the car…

And for anyone who’s not seen the flowery mx5 (it’s been off the road around 3 years) here’s a pic of the current paintwork.

The gauge pod/ crash pad for paint has been scuffed up, washed and will be primered and painted one evening this week.


Figured next thing Id play with would be the clocks. I want to swap the glass on my 89 import clocks since it was broken during removal. And they’re custom faces. But I stalled…. Getting the glass away from the rest of the cluster requires much patience, dexterity and heat.

A breif ‘How To’ may be up soon.. A tedious little job! 

There was also a shiny JassPerformance surround, that in my haste to paint, I didn’t get a photo of… But it was finished in brushed chrome and decided it had to go… (Nothing to do with the fact I was desperate to play with the purple paint!)

A scuff back, wash, dry and couple of coats of high build primer… Several coats of custom purple flip/ flake mix and way too much laquer later….

Ive put a little clip on Instagram to show the blue/ purple flip…. will need a wet sand in a few days to remove the solvent bubbles from the clear coat but I’m pretty happy with the colour… Crash Pad next ?

#GarageGirl The New Blog for Budget Build, JDMClare & Project5

Welcome to the new blog…

 I guess my intentions are an extension of mini facebook posts… A place to elaborate on the things Im getting up to, an opportunity for people to see a little closer into what goes on behind the scenes of Combustionpunks, as well as a little insight into my -sometimes hectic- life, all things car related.

Ive just got back from a weekend working in York with 6th Gear Experiences, Tuesday I have an autosolo in a local village farm, a trip to Autotronix (always something IG worthy in the garage) at some point to collect some rocker covers back from the chemical stripper, as well as some fiberglassing tuition with Yetidragon down at the new Punks Place… So lots to blog about there. But first, a little catch up and back story to bring things up to date.

GarageGirl formally Budget Build

Around January, I moved Cities… From good old Birmingham 100 miles north to South Yorkshire, a rather green City known as Sheffield. Its beautiful up here! Much more attractive than the scenery, are the friendships and abundance of social activities there are to delve into and become part of. Not long after my move, a bunch of new folk I’d been bumping into started up a local club; Sheffield MX5s (they have a facebook group and insta page, check them out!)

–  Id like to take this moment to say I have honestly had some of the best car related experiences whilst in the presence of these guys… out on Combustionpunks events, track days, their weekly pub runs, events and just plain social evenings… Thank you for being so genuine and awesome. I’m loving Sheffield quite largely because of you all. –

So, two house moves later and we now have our own garage and unit…
The original Project5 aka Baby has a fighting chance again. With space, tools, friends and a handy new job at Euro Car Parts, she should be back on the road again by winter. A huge thank you is in order to Simon at Garage Barefoot for storing her for so long, holding tech days to get it rolling and fitting a new roof in my absence… (as well as borrowing various parts and pieces…) I don’t know where it would have gone without you. Thank you. Fiberglass production is the main point of the new Unit, but Project5 and Yetidragon’s mk1 project (yet to be named) are occupying part of it quite nicely…

Open day coming soon… as well as more wide arches from Combustionpunks/ Waspworks 😀

Well. I’ve not been as quiet as it may seem… Combustionpunks have been attending a tonne of shows, events and track days this year, and as well as being upfront with the organising and planning, I’ve been helping out with a little blogging on the Combustionpunks page too… You can check out some of the write ups from myself and other members, plus submitted photos on events like Spring Performance Action Day, Japfest and, my least favorite experience this year, Fast Show. We’ve done a few charity track days with a couple more booked and our very own Summer Holiday set for August too…

So I will have loads to blog about, both on here and the main Punks page!

I get up to and help organise some pretty cool stuff, and with Project5 soon be the focus build rather than the current daily drive, Budget Build, I thought a change of Blog title was in order to cover a bit more about what I get up to… Having a car and being an enthusiast doesnt have to end there. Im involving myself in all kinds of areas in the motor scene and I think a few would find it pretty interesting… Couldnt have imagined my life this way 12 months ago… So maybe some inspiration for others in it somewhere too 🙂

There are a tonne of things Id love to back date about, maybe Ill have the opportunity to throw back some details and references in some other blog posts, but for now, with Summer Punks Holiday planning, JAE recruitment, Merch making, website updating, new job, two cars and so much more going on… I don’t really have the time, so instead, Ill leave you with a bunch of random photos Ive taken over the last few months.

From driveway mechanics, organised runs, mx5 friend socials, car shows, track days, my cool weekend job, play-dates and more, each one is a happy memory and has a story behind it 🙂 (Plus I need to get them off my phone to make room for new ones…) Enjoy, and stay tuned for a very active blog page for all things cool and cars 🙂 #garagegirl

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