MFN: Miles from Nowhere May 2017

If you’re wondering, as I was… MFN stands for Miles From Nowhere… 😉

An alternative venue offering bike nights, classic meets and a MFN All Welcome Car Night (on the first and last Sunday throughout summer months). Boasting a bar, cafe, hard standing and grass parking, surrounded by 8 acres of private land.. Its the ideal place for a car meet, with relaxed marshals, entrance and exit separate, food and drink available, a growing number of traders and something for everyone….

Contrary to the name, its actually fairly central of the midlands, easily accessible from the M1, in Amber Valley, Nottingham.

The Meet really does have something for everyone, from pristine classics, to american imports, bikes, green lane toys, budget-bodge-bring-alongs, expensive JDM import builds, kit cars and more… Trade isn’t bad and growing, offering stalls of cleaning products, clothing, decals and sweets 😀 Guaranteed to be a photo of your ride from the evening… Lots of budding photographers and media guys going around! Bar is open, there’s a food stall/ burger van and entrance is just £2.

May 21st, for the first time, Combustionpunks are taking a 10 Car stand to MFN… If you want in, get your name on the forum list NOW! More details to come including convoys and times… Stay tuned!
Combustionpunks @ MFN 21st May