Side Project #137

​I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I love to mess and always have a side project, either on the go or on my mind… I have a Things to make for my mx5″ list longer than a trip round the Evo Triangle. Lols. Some of you guys will have seen me pop up with wrinkle finished Cam covers for sale.

Wrinkle Finish Rocker Covers

I collect covers, if you have one you’re looking to get rid of, trade in or have refurbished, get intouch ? I drop them off with Clive at Autotronix Developments and he send them onto his guy who chemically strips them. Within a week, I’ve got them back fresh to mask up and spray…  I get to play with guns… It keeps me quite for a couple hours ?

Chasing the Wrinkle, a Little Video

Im currently stood in the garage waiting for filler to set… I was asked if I could “fill in the letters”  on a NB6 Cam cover. So I was like, I’ll find out! Went into work (bodyshop suppliers!) And asked for the best alternative to filling with weld that they had. And they suggested this… Looks legit.

With a sanding time of 20 minutes, I shouldn’t be waiting much longer… Ive attempted to”pack” the letters with the ally filler, then planning to sand back and re-apply, to this time properly smooth over the letters.

Look… Shiny ? This stuff is the same as any other body filler to mix and use. The metallic look is because of the alluminium particals. 

20 Minutes later and it really is ready to sand. Impressive.. Sheet of 80grit and it’s done in no time at all. It’s super high dust but that’s the price for such quick setting filler I guess!

There are one or two places showing on the DOHC that have a little indent, overall it’s pretty smooth… But I’m not sure what finish it’s going to get yet, or what I’m doing with it at all, so it needs to be perfect… 

Another layer of filler, another 20 minutes waiting time… A top tip that’s kinda fairly obvious but if you keep in mind, it helps keep sanding time down – “The more you put on, the more you have to take off.” – I’m a bit of a fiddler,  I have to mess even if it’s perfect… #keepittidy