Bankruptcy Over Fenders, The Fastback & Fiberglassing.. Whats New

Because I love to learn new things and because I love to mess and get involved.. Yetidragon and I finally made some time for me to learn how to Fiberglass. If you’ve ever wanted or looked at the options for wider arches from your NA mx5 over the past few years, then you’re sure to have come across Yetidragon’s “Project Bankruptcy.”

Way back in summer, between day jobs, track days, a new project car, organising and hosting events, attending shows, festivals and more, we some how managed to get some time in production mode and made a full set of “Bankruptcy Fenders & Wings” just in time to bolt onto a car for RetroRides.

The first full set I made landed on the Combustionpunks’ Fastback for its debut show in Worcester in August this year (Updated post coming asap!) and are currently looking good just “bolted on”as the car stands unfinished and in daily use.

Set up stats:
Wheels – XXR 002
15×8 et-0
34mm hubcentric spacers rears
TMI… Nankang NS2R 195/50/15 Hard
Suspension – HKS

The rear Fenders have been shaped to suit the Fastback lines with a grinder.
Here’s some smoothed in, bonded, bolted, and painted variants.

Photo credits where due, owners are tagged, thanks for the support guys!

The Bankruptcy Fenders and Wings are currently on Sale in the Combustionpunks shop, as well as shiny stickers and neat merch ?

Yetidragon is working on MK2 prototypes at the minute, should see production early next year, as well as alternative MK1 wide arches… There is also the Fastback to to modify and produce. 2017, the year of fiber-glassing awesomeness…

Since the successful full set for the Fastback, I’ve made another set of rear over fenders, and now working on a front set of front wings. The wings are bit more technical in the fact they’re a 5 piece mold, with lips and tabs replicating the OEM wings for a direct, bolt on replacement, with a wider clearance area. (Currently tested up to et-35 on the rear and et-10 front.)  So more bends, curves, lips and edges as well as the additional prep work for extra parts. Since Yetidragon has done all the hard work in making the original prototypes and molds, I had it pretty easy, but its still a super long process. From start to finish, a front pair of Wings has taken me 8 hours. (Parts in the house and parts in the garage… Its cold work in December!)

After cleaning and waxing all of the mold pieces, they get bolted together and before the fiber-glassing, the wing gets Gel coated and left to set. (The white, smooth layer you see on the outside.) In this time I tend to have a coffee, instagram some pics, check my facebook and prep a work space. I’m a bit OCD when I work…. I find it useful to have an easy access bin nearby, like a box on the floor I can throw stuff at, liquids measured out in cups and catalyst measured ready to go, fresh brushes, pots, scissors and other tools to hand, PPE and gloves, as well as good lighting and enough room to fight 😉

I cut out pieces of fiberglass against some templates to make sure they’re an ideal fit for the mold, the right shape, and make relief cuts. It makes it quicker, easier, creates less waste and less mess when it comes to laying the fiberglass. I make sure I have off cuts to hand to strengthen particular areas like the fitting tabs and layer up edges for strength too.  Here’s a super quick time lapse of the first layer of fiberglass… I like to “fit” them to the mold before applying the first coat of resin..

After all of the meticulous planning, prep and once the gel coat has set, the fun part finally begins and the fiberglass gets laid.. Giggedy. Its a little fiddly, very sticky and uber messy, so patience is essential. It takes quite a while to make sure each layer is adequately covered in resin, with no bubbles, lifts or droops, making sure the mix isn’t setting too fast and you’re not working too slow. It also smells pretty bad… The Gel coat is definitely something you should do in the garage and not in your kitchen… Once optimal layers have been applied, the wing gets left to set, then sit and harden in the mold. When its finally ready to be popped out, its trimmed back with the grinder and edges smoothed off, ready for fitting.

I’m really lucky and eternally grateful to have learned this new skill, and its pretty damn awesome driving a car that you’ve made panels on… So a HUGE shout out to TopPunk Yetidragon for the patience and time invested in me, sharing his awesomeness and skill <3 More to come #STAYTUNED


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